Talented from a young age, BING has grown to develop the confidence needed to position herself as the next big international star. Sung entirely in English, “Hanging On” challenged BING to push herself as an artist, channeling the feelings in her heart into heart-wrenching words that soar over the track. The highs and lows that BING has faced over the years are injected into the vocals, resulting in a song that feels honest and relatable.In addition to being musically gifted, BING had also developed a distinct style in fashion.

The mask she always wears makes a bold statement, demanding people not judge her on her beauty, but for her character. BING’s style is also impeccably crafted, being able to mix a variety of patterns and textures in a way that’s uniquely her. The industry has noticed this, with BING having been invited to popular international events New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. BING shows that she not only has the voice and talent needed to succeed, but also a style that attracts attention from the international community.